Class BindStatus

      extended byorg.springframework.web.servlet.tags.BindStatus

Deprecated. in favor of

public class BindStatus
extends BindStatus

This subclass is just kept for old versions of the Spring tag library that expect a BindStatus class in the tag package, for example when deploying a Spring 1.1 jar to an existing web application with precompiled JSPs.

As of Spring 1.1, use the BindStatus class in the generic support package instead. That class is also used for the RequestContext in a Velocity or FreeMarker view.

Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
BindStatus, RequestContext.getBindStatus(java.lang.String)

Constructor Summary
BindStatus(RequestContext requestContext, String path, boolean htmlEscape)
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Constructor Detail


public BindStatus(RequestContext requestContext,
                  String path,
                  boolean htmlEscape)

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