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Packages that use PropertyAccessException
org.springframework.beans This package contains interfaces and classes for manipulating Java beans.  

Uses of PropertyAccessException in org.springframework.beans

Subclasses of PropertyAccessException in org.springframework.beans
 class MethodInvocationException
          Thrown when a bean property getter or setter method throws an exception, analogous to an InvocationTargetException.
 class TypeMismatchException
          Exception thrown on a type mismatch when trying to set a bean property.

Methods in org.springframework.beans that return PropertyAccessException
 PropertyAccessException[] PropertyAccessExceptionsException.getPropertyAccessExceptions()
          Return an array of the propertyAccessExceptions stored in this object.
 PropertyAccessException PropertyAccessExceptionsException.getPropertyAccessException(String propertyName)
          Return the exception for this field, or null if there isn't one.

Constructors in org.springframework.beans with parameters of type PropertyAccessException
PropertyAccessExceptionsException(BeanWrapper beanWrapper, PropertyAccessException[] propertyAccessExceptions)
          Create a new PropertyAccessExceptionsException.

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