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Packages that use BeanCreationException
org.springframework.beans.factory The core package implementing Spring's lightweight Inversion of Control (IoC) container.  

Uses of BeanCreationException in org.springframework.beans.factory

Subclasses of BeanCreationException in org.springframework.beans.factory
 class BeanCurrentlyInCreationException
          Exception thrown in case of a reference to a bean that's currently in creation.
 class BeanIsAbstractException
          Exception thrown when a bean instance has been requested for a bean which has been defined as abstract
 class FactoryBeanCircularReferenceException
          Deprecated. renamed to FactoryBeanNotInitializedException
 class FactoryBeanNotInitializedException
          Exception thrown if a FactoryBean is not fully initialized, for example because it is involved in a circular reference.
 class UnsatisfiedDependencyException
          Exception thrown when a bean depends on other beans or simple properties that were not specified in the bean factory definition, although dependency checking was enabled.

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