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Packages that use SqlParameter
org.springframework.jdbc.core Provides the core JDBC framework, based on JdbcTemplate and its associated callback interfaces and helper objects.  
org.springframework.jdbc.object The classes in this package represent RDBMS queries, updates, and stored procedures as threadsafe, reusable objects.  

Uses of SqlParameter in org.springframework.jdbc.core

Subclasses of SqlParameter in org.springframework.jdbc.core
 class ResultSetSupportingSqlParameter
          Common base class for ResultSet-supporting SqlParameters like SqlOutParameter and SqlReturnResultSet.
 class SqlOutParameter
          Subclass of SqlParameter to represent an output parameter.
 class SqlReturnResultSet
          Subclass of SqlOutParameter to represent a returned ResultSet from a stored procedure call.

Methods in org.springframework.jdbc.core with parameters of type SqlParameter
static void StatementCreatorUtils.setParameterValue(PreparedStatement ps, int paramIndex, SqlParameter declaredParam, Object inValue)
          Set the value for a parameter.
 void PreparedStatementCreatorFactory.addParameter(SqlParameter param)
          Add a new declared parameter.
 void CallableStatementCreatorFactory.addParameter(SqlParameter param)
          Add a new declared parameter.

Uses of SqlParameter in org.springframework.jdbc.object

Methods in org.springframework.jdbc.object with parameters of type SqlParameter
 void StoredProcedure.declareParameter(SqlParameter param)
          Declare a parameter.
 void RdbmsOperation.declareParameter(SqlParameter param)
          Declare a parameter.

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