Class TransactionAwareDataSourceProxy

  extended byorg.springframework.jdbc.datasource.DelegatingDataSource
      extended byorg.springframework.jdbc.datasource.TransactionAwareDataSourceProxy
All Implemented Interfaces:
DataSource, InitializingBean

public class TransactionAwareDataSourceProxy
extends DelegatingDataSource

Proxy for a target DataSource, adding awareness of Spring-managed transactions. Similar to a transactional JNDI DataSource as provided by a J2EE server.

Delegates to DataSourceUtils for automatically participating in thread-bound transactions, for example managed by DataSourceTransactionManager. getConnection calls and close calls on returned Connections will behave properly within a transaction, i.e. always work on the transactional Connection. If not within a transaction, normal DataSource behavior applies.

This proxy allows data access code to work with the plain JDBC API and still participate in Spring-managed transactions, similar to JDBC code in a J2EE/JTA environment. However, if possible, use Spring's DataAccessUtils, JdbcTemplate or JDBC operation objects to get transaction participation even without a proxy for the target DataSource, avoiding the need to define such a proxy in the first place.

As a further effect, using a transaction-aware DataSource will apply remaining transaction timeouts to all created JDBC Statements. This means that all operations performed by the SqlMapClient will automatically participate in Spring-managed transaction timeouts.

NOTE: This DataSource proxy needs to return wrapped Connections to handle close calls on them properly. Therefore, the returned Connections cannot be cast to a native JDBC Connection type like OracleConnection, or to a connection pool implementation type. Use a corresponding NativeJdbcExtractor to retrieve the native JDBC Connection.

Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
DataSource.getConnection(), Connection.close(), DataSourceUtils.doGetConnection(javax.sql.DataSource, boolean), DataSourceUtils.doCloseConnectionIfNecessary(java.sql.Connection, javax.sql.DataSource), DataSourceUtils.applyTransactionTimeout(java.sql.Statement, javax.sql.DataSource), ConnectionProxy, NativeJdbcExtractor

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
          Create a new TransactionAwareDataSourceProxy.
TransactionAwareDataSourceProxy(DataSource targetDataSource)
          Create a new TransactionAwareDataSourceProxy.
Method Summary
 Connection getConnection()
          Delegate to DataSourceUtils for automatically participating in Spring-managed transactions.
protected  Connection getTransactionAwareConnectionProxy(Connection target, DataSource dataSource)
          Wrap the given Connection with a proxy that delegates every method call to it but delegates close calls to DataSourceUtils.
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Constructor Detail


public TransactionAwareDataSourceProxy()
Create a new TransactionAwareDataSourceProxy.

See Also:


public TransactionAwareDataSourceProxy(DataSource targetDataSource)
Create a new TransactionAwareDataSourceProxy.

targetDataSource - the target DataSource
Method Detail


public Connection getConnection()
                         throws SQLException
Delegate to DataSourceUtils for automatically participating in Spring-managed transactions. Throws the original SQLException, if any.

The returned Connection handle implements the ConnectionProxy interface, allowing to retrieve the underlying target Connection.

Specified by:
getConnection in interface DataSource
getConnection in class DelegatingDataSource
a transactional Connection if any, a new one else
See Also:
DataSourceUtils.doGetConnection(javax.sql.DataSource, boolean), ConnectionProxy.getTargetConnection()


protected Connection getTransactionAwareConnectionProxy(Connection target,
                                                        DataSource dataSource)
Wrap the given Connection with a proxy that delegates every method call to it but delegates close calls to DataSourceUtils.

target - the original Connection to wrap
dataSource - DataSource that the Connection came from
the wrapped Connection
See Also:
DataSourceUtils.doCloseConnectionIfNecessary(java.sql.Connection, javax.sql.DataSource)

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