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public interface TransactionStatus
extends SavepointManager

Representation of the status of a transaction, consisting of a transaction object and some status flags.

Transactional code can use this to retrieve status information, and to programmatically request a rollback (instead of throwing an exception that causes an implicit rollback).

Derives from the SavepointManager interface to provide access to savepoint management facilities. Note that savepoint management is just available if the actual transaction manager supports it.

Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
PlatformTransactionManager, TransactionCallback.doInTransaction(org.springframework.transaction.TransactionStatus), TransactionAspectSupport.currentTransactionStatus(), setRollbackOnly()

Method Summary
 boolean isNewTransaction()
          Return if the transaction is new, else participating in an existing transaction.
 boolean isRollbackOnly()
          Return if the transaction has been set rollback-only.
 void setRollbackOnly()
          Set the transaction rollback-only.
Methods inherited from interface org.springframework.transaction.SavepointManager
createSavepoint, releaseSavepoint, rollbackToSavepoint

Method Detail


public boolean isNewTransaction()
Return if the transaction is new, else participating in an existing transaction.


public void setRollbackOnly()
Set the transaction rollback-only. This instructs the transaction manager that the only possible outcome of the transaction may be a rollback, proceeding with the normal applicaiton workflow though (i.e. no exception).

For transactions managed by TransactionTemplate or TransactionInterceptor. An alternative way to trigger a rollback is throwing an application exception.

See Also:
TransactionCallback.doInTransaction(org.springframework.transaction.TransactionStatus), TransactionAttribute.rollbackOn(java.lang.Throwable)


public boolean isRollbackOnly()
Return if the transaction has been set rollback-only.

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