Class BeanNameViewResolver

          extended byorg.springframework.web.servlet.view.BeanNameViewResolver
All Implemented Interfaces:
ApplicationContextAware, Ordered, ViewResolver

public class BeanNameViewResolver
extends WebApplicationObjectSupport
implements ViewResolver, Ordered

Simple implementation of ViewResolver that interprets a view name as bean name in the current application context, i.e. in the XML file of the executing DispatcherServlet.

This resolver can be handy for small applications, keeping all definitions ranging from controllers to views in the same place. For normal applications, XmlViewResolver will be the better choice, as it separates the XML view bean definitions into a dedicated views file. View beans should virtually never have references to any other application beans - such a separation will make this clear.

This ViewResolver does not support internationalization. Conside ResourceBundleViewResolver if you need to apply different view resources per locale.

Note: This ViewResolver implements the Ordered interface to allow for flexible participation in ViewResolver chaining. For example, some special views could be defined via this ViewResolver (giving it 0 as "order" value), while all remaining views could be resolved by a UrlBasedViewResolver.

Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
XmlViewResolver, ResourceBundleViewResolver, UrlBasedViewResolver

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 int getOrder()
          Return the order value of this object, higher value meaning greater in terms of sorting.
 View resolveViewName(String viewName, Locale locale)
          Resolve the given view by name.
 void setOrder(int order)
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Constructor Detail


public BeanNameViewResolver()
Method Detail


public void setOrder(int order)


public int getOrder()
Description copied from interface: Ordered
Return the order value of this object, higher value meaning greater in terms of sorting. Normally starting with 0 or 1, Integer.MAX_VALUE indicating greatest. Same order values will result in arbitrary positions for the affected objects.

Higher value can be interpreted as lower priority, consequently the first object has highest priority (somewhat analogous to Servlet "load-on-startup" values).

Specified by:
getOrder in interface Ordered
the order value


public View resolveViewName(String viewName,
                            Locale locale)
                     throws BeansException
Description copied from interface: ViewResolver
Resolve the given view by name.

Note: To allow for ViewResolver chaining, a ViewResolver should return null if a view with the given name is not defined in it. However, this is not required: Some ViewResolvers will always attempt to build View objects with the given name, unable to return null (rather throwing an exception when View creation failed).

Specified by:
resolveViewName in interface ViewResolver
viewName - name of the view to resolve
locale - Locale in which to resolve the view. ViewResolvers that support internationalization should respect this.
the View object, or null if not found (optional, to allow for ViewResolver chaining)

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