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Packages that use MessageConversionException Provides a MessageConverter abstraction to convert between Java objects and JMS messages. 

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Methods in that throw MessageConversionException
 Object SimpleMessageConverter.fromMessage(Message message)
          This implementation converts a TextMessage back to a String, a ByteMessage back to a byte array, a MapMessage back to a Map, and an ObjectMessage back to a Serializable object.
 Object MessageConverter.fromMessage(Message message)
          Convert from a JMS Message to a Java object.
 Message SimpleMessageConverter.toMessage(Object object, Session session)
          This implementation creates a TextMessage for a String, a BytesMessage for a byte array, a MapMessage for a Map, and an ObjectMessage for a Serializable object.
 Message MessageConverter.toMessage(Object object, Session session)
          Convert a Java object to a JMS Message using the supplied session to create the message object.

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