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org.springframework.aop.framework Package containing Spring's basic AOP infrastructure, compliant with the AOP Alliance interfaces. 

Uses of AdvisedSupport in org.springframework.aop.framework

Subclasses of AdvisedSupport in org.springframework.aop.framework
 class ProxyFactory
          Factory for AOP proxies for programmatic use, rather than via a bean factory.
 class ProxyFactoryBean
          FactoryBean implementation for use to source AOP proxies from a Spring BeanFactory.

Fields in org.springframework.aop.framework declared as AdvisedSupport
protected  AdvisedSupport Cglib2AopProxy.advised
          The configuration used to configure this proxy

Methods in org.springframework.aop.framework with parameters of type AdvisedSupport
 void ProxyFactoryBean.activated(AdvisedSupport advisedSupport)
 void HashMapCachingAdvisorChainFactory.activated(AdvisedSupport advisedSupport)
 void AdvisedSupportListener.activated(AdvisedSupport advisedSupport)
          Invoked when the first proxy is created.
 void ProxyFactoryBean.adviceChanged(AdvisedSupport advisedSupport)
          Blow away and recache singleton on an advice change.
 void HashMapCachingAdvisorChainFactory.adviceChanged(AdvisedSupport advisedSupport)
 void AdvisedSupportListener.adviceChanged(AdvisedSupport advisedSupport)
          Invoked when advice is changed after a proxy is created.
static Class[] AopProxyUtils.completeProxiedInterfaces(AdvisedSupport advised)
          Get complete set of interfaces to proxy.
protected  void AdvisedSupport.copyConfigurationFrom(AdvisedSupport other)
          Call this method on a new instance created by the no-arg constructor to create an independent copy of the configuration from the given object.
protected  void AdvisedSupport.copyConfigurationFrom(AdvisedSupport other, TargetSource targetSource, List advisors)
          Copy the AOP configuration from the given AdvisedSupport object, but allow substitution of a fresh TargetSource and a given interceptor chain.
 AopProxy DefaultAopProxyFactory.createAopProxy(AdvisedSupport advisedSupport)
 AopProxy AopProxyFactory.createAopProxy(AdvisedSupport advisedSupport)
          Return an AopProxy for the given AdvisedSupport object.
static boolean AopProxyUtils.equalsAdvisors(AdvisedSupport a, AdvisedSupport b)
          Check equality of the advisors behind the given AdvisedSupport objects.
static boolean AopProxyUtils.equalsInProxy(AdvisedSupport a, AdvisedSupport b)
          Check equality of the proxies behind the given AdvisedSupport objects.
static boolean AopProxyUtils.equalsProxiedInterfaces(AdvisedSupport a, AdvisedSupport b)
          Check equality of the proxied interfaces behind the given AdvisedSupport objects.

Constructors in org.springframework.aop.framework with parameters of type AdvisedSupport
Cglib2AopProxy(AdvisedSupport config)
          Create a new Cglib2AopProxy for the given AOP configuration.
JdkDynamicAopProxy(AdvisedSupport config)
          Construct a new JDK proxy.

Copyright (c) 2002-2007 The Spring Framework Project.