Package org.springframework.beans.factory.access

Helper infrastructure to locate and access bean factories.


Interface Summary
BeanFactoryLocator An interface for a class used to lookup/use, and optionally allow the release of a BeanFactory, or BeanFactory subclass such as ApplicationContext.
BeanFactoryReference Class used to track a reference to a BeanFactory obtained through a BeanFactoryLocator.

Class Summary
BeanFactoryBootstrap Deprecated. since Spring 1.2.7: consider using a BeanFactoryLocator or a custom bootstrap class instead
SingletonBeanFactoryLocator Keyed-singleton implementation of BeanFactoryLocator, which leverages existing Spring constructs.

Exception Summary
BootstrapException Exception thrown if a bean factory could not be loaded by a bootstrap class.

Package org.springframework.beans.factory.access Description

Helper infrastructure to locate and access bean factories.

Note: This package is only relevant for special sharing of bean factories, for example behind EJB facades. It is not used in a typical web application or standalone application.

Copyright (c) 2002-2007 The Spring Framework Project.