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Packages that use CciTemplate Classes supporting the org.springframework.jca.cci.core package. 
org.springframework.jca.cci.object The classes in this package represent EIS operations as threadsafe, reusable objects. 

Uses of CciTemplate in

Methods in that return CciTemplate
protected  CciTemplate CciDaoSupport.createCciTemplate(ConnectionFactory connectionFactory)
          Create a CciTemplate for the given ConnectionFactory.
 CciTemplate CciDaoSupport.getCciTemplate()
          Return the CciTemplate for this DAO, pre-initialized with the ConnectionFactory or set explicitly.

Methods in with parameters of type CciTemplate
 void CciDaoSupport.setCciTemplate(CciTemplate cciTemplate)
          Set the CciTemplate for this DAO explicitly, as an alternative to specifying a ConnectionFactory.

Uses of CciTemplate in org.springframework.jca.cci.object

Methods in org.springframework.jca.cci.object that return CciTemplate
 CciTemplate EisOperation.getCciTemplate()
          Return the CciTemplate used by this operation.

Methods in org.springframework.jca.cci.object with parameters of type CciTemplate
 void EisOperation.setCciTemplate(CciTemplate cciTemplate)
          Set the CciTemplate to be used by this operation.

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