Package org.springframework.orm.ojb

Package providing integration of Apache OJB with Spring concepts.


Interface Summary
PersistenceBrokerCallback Callback interface for OJB PersistenceBroker code.
PersistenceBrokerOperations Interface that specifies a basic set of OJB PersistenceBroker operations.

Class Summary
OjbAccessor Base class for OJB-accessing classes, defining common properties like PBKey.
OjbFactoryUtils Helper class featuring methods for OJB PersistenceBroker handling, allowing for reuse of PersistenceBroker instances within transactions.
PersistenceBrokerHolder Holder wrapping an OJB PersistenceBroker.
PersistenceBrokerTemplate Helper class that simplifies OJB PersistenceBroker data access code, and converts PersistenceBrokerExceptions into Spring DataAccessExceptions, following the org.springframework.dao exception hierarchy.
PersistenceBrokerTransactionManager PlatformTransactionManager implementation for a single OJB persistence broker key.

Exception Summary
OjbOperationException Generic exception thrown on OJB operation failure without SQLException cause.

Package org.springframework.orm.ojb Description

Package providing integration of Apache OJB with Spring concepts.

Contains OJB factory helper classes, a template plus callback for PersistenceBroker access, and an implementation of Spring's transaction SPI for local PersistenceBroker transactions.

Copyright (c) 2002-2007 The Spring Framework Project.