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Packages that use RemoteAccessException
org.springframework.remoting Exception hierarchy for Spring's remoting infrastructure, independent of any specific remote method invocation system. 
org.springframework.remoting.caucho This package provides remoting classes for Caucho's Hessian and Burlap protocols: a proxy factory for accessing Hessian/Burlap services, and an exporter for making beans available to Hessian/Burlap clients. 

Uses of RemoteAccessException in org.springframework.remoting

Subclasses of RemoteAccessException in org.springframework.remoting
 class RemoteConnectFailureException
          RemoteAccessException subclass to be thrown when no connection could be established with a remote service.
 class RemoteLookupFailureException
          RemoteAccessException subclass to be thrown in case of a lookup failure, typically if the lookup happens on demand for each method invocation.
 class RemoteProxyFailureException
          RemoteAccessException subclass to be thrown in case of a failure within the client-side proxy for a remote service, for example when a method is not found on the underlying stub.

Uses of RemoteAccessException in org.springframework.remoting.caucho

Methods in org.springframework.remoting.caucho that return RemoteAccessException
protected  RemoteAccessException BurlapClientInterceptor.convertBurlapAccessException(Throwable ex)
          Convert the given Burlap access exception to an appropriate Spring RemoteAccessException.
protected  RemoteAccessException HessianClientInterceptor.convertHessianAccessException(Throwable ex)
          Convert the given Hessian access exception to an appropriate Spring RemoteAccessException.

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