Package org.springframework.transaction.interceptor

AOP-based solution for declarative transaction demarcation.


Interface Summary
TransactionAttribute This interface adds a rollbackOn specification to TransactionDefinition.
TransactionAttributeSource Interface used by TransactionInterceptor.

Class Summary
AbstractFallbackTransactionAttributeSource Abstract implementation of TransactionAttributeSource that caches attributes for methods and implements a fallback policy: 1. specific target method; 2. target class; 3. declaring method; 4. declaring class/interface.
AttributesTransactionAttributeSource Implementation of the TransactionAttributeSource interface that reads metadata via Spring's Attributes abstraction.
DefaultTransactionAttribute Transaction attribute that takes the EJB approach to rolling back on runtime, but not checked, exceptions.
DelegatingTransactionAttribute TransactionAttribute implementation that delegates all calls to a given target TransactionAttribute.
MatchAlwaysTransactionAttributeSource Very simple implementation of TransactionAttributeSource which will always return the same TransactionAttribute for all methods fed to it.
MethodMapTransactionAttributeSource Simple implementation of TransactionAttributeSource that allows attributes to be stored per method in a map.
NameMatchTransactionAttributeSource Simple implementation of TransactionAttributeSource that allows attributes to be matched by registered name.
NoRollbackRuleAttribute Tag subclass of RollbackRule.
RollbackRuleAttribute Rule determining whether or not a given exception (and any subclasses) should cause a rollback.
RuleBasedTransactionAttribute TransactionAttribute implementation that works out whether a given exception should cause transaction rollback by applying a number of rollback rules, both positive and negative.
TransactionAspectSupport Superclass for transactional aspects, such as the AOP Alliance-compatible TransactionInterceptor, or an AspectJ aspect.
TransactionAttributeEditor PropertyEditor for TransactionAttribute objects.
TransactionAttributeSourceAdvisor Advisor driven by a TransactionAttributeSource, used to exclude a TransactionInterceptor from methods that are non-transactional.
TransactionAttributeSourceEditor Property editor that converts a String into a TransactionAttributeSource.
TransactionInterceptor AOP Alliance MethodInterceptor providing declarative transaction management using the common Spring transaction infrastructure.
TransactionProxyFactoryBean Proxy factory bean for simplified declarative transaction handling.

Package org.springframework.transaction.interceptor Description

AOP-based solution for declarative transaction demarcation. Builds on the AOP infrastructure in org.springframework.aop.framework. Any POJO can be transactionally advised with Spring.

The TransactionFactoryProxyBean can be used to create transactional AOP proxies transparently to code that uses them.

The TransactionInterceptor is the AOP Alliance MethodInterceptor that delivers transactional advice, based on the Spring transaction abstraction. This allows declarative transaction management in any environment, even without JTA if an application uses only a single database.

Copyright (c) 2002-2007 The Spring Framework Project.