Package org.springframework.util

Miscellaneous utility classes, such as String manipulation utilities, a Log4J configurer, and a state holder for paged lists of objects.


Interface Summary
PathMatcher Strategy interface for String-based path matching.
PropertiesPersister Strategy interface for persisting java.util.Properties, allowing for pluggable parsing strategies.
ResponseTimeMonitor Interface implemented by objects that can provide performance information as well as a record of the number of times they are accessed.
WeakReferenceMonitor.ReleaseListener Listener that is notified when the handle is being released.

Class Summary
AntPathMatcher PathMatcher implementation for Ant-style path patterns.
Assert Assertion utility class that assists in validating arguments.
CachingMapDecorator A simple decorator for a Map, encapsulating the workflow for caching expensive values in a target Map.
ClassLoaderUtils Utility class for diagnostic purposes, to analyze the ClassLoader hierarchy for any given object or class loader.
ClassUtils Miscellaneous class utility methods.
CollectionUtils Miscellaneous collection utility methods.
ConcurrencyThrottleSupport Support class for throttling concurrent access to a specific resource.
DefaultPropertiesPersister Default implementation of the PropertiesPersister interface.
FileCopyUtils Simple utility methods for file and stream copying.
Log4jConfigurer Convenience class that features simple methods for custom Log4J configuration.
MethodInvoker Helper class that allows to specify a method to invoke in a declarative fashion, be it static or non-static.
MethodInvoker.VoidType Special marker class used for a void return value, differentiating void from a null value returned by the method.
NumberUtils Miscellaneous utility methods for number conversion and parsing.
ObjectUtils Miscellaneous object utility methods.
ReflectionUtils Simple utility class for handling reflection exceptions.
ResourceUtils Utility methods for resolving resource locations to files in the file system.
ResponseTimeMonitorImpl Implementation of ResponseTimeMonitor for use via delegation by objects that implement this interface.
StopWatch Simple stop watch, allowing for timing of a number of tasks, exposing total running time and running time for each named task.
StopWatch.TaskInfo Inner class to hold data about one task executed within the stop watch.
StringUtils Miscellaneous string utility methods.
SystemPropertyUtils Helper class for resolving placeholders in texts.
WeakReferenceMonitor Track references to arbitrary objects using proxy and weak references.

Package org.springframework.util Description

Miscellaneous utility classes, such as String manipulation utilities, a Log4J configurer, and a state holder for paged lists of objects.

Copyright (c) 2002-2007 The Spring Framework Project.