Interface PropertyEditorRegistrar

Deprecated. since Spring 1.2.6, in favor of the PropertyEditorRegistrar interface in the org.springframework.beans package

public interface PropertyEditorRegistrar

Interface for strategies that register custom property editors with a data binder. This is particularly useful when you need to use the same set of property editors in several different situations: write a corresponding registrar and reuse that in each case.

Note: This interface is only intended for use with Spring Web Flow previews. Since Spring 1.2.6, it is superseded by the PropertyEditorRegistrar interface in the beans package, working on a passed-in PropertyEditorRegistry interface rather than the DataBinder class. This is also what Spring Web Flow 1.0 RC1+ is using.

Keith Donald
See Also:
PropertyEditorRegistrar, PropertyEditorRegistry

Method Summary
 void registerCustomEditors(DataBinder binder)
          Deprecated. Register custom PropertyEditors with the given DataBinder.

Method Detail


void registerCustomEditors(DataBinder binder)
Register custom PropertyEditors with the given DataBinder.

binder - the DataBinder to register the custom PropertyEditors with

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