Class ResourceBundleViewResolver

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by org.springframework.web.servlet.view.AbstractCachingViewResolver
              extended by org.springframework.web.servlet.view.ResourceBundleViewResolver
All Implemented Interfaces:
DisposableBean, ApplicationContextAware, Ordered, ViewResolver

public class ResourceBundleViewResolver
extends AbstractCachingViewResolver
implements Ordered, DisposableBean

Implementation of ViewResolver that uses bean definitions in a ResourceBundle, specified by the bundle basename. The bundle is typically defined in a properties file, located in the class path. The default bundle basename is "views".

This ViewResolver supports localized view definitions, using the default support of java.util.PropertyResourceBundle. For example, the basename "views" will be resolved as class path resources "", "", "" - for a given Locale "de_AT".

Note: This ViewResolver implements the Ordered interface to allow for flexible participation in ViewResolver chaining. For example, some special views could be defined via this ViewResolver (giving it 0 as "order" value), while all remaining views could be resolved by a UrlBasedViewResolver.

Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
ResourceBundle.getBundle(java.lang.String), PropertyResourceBundle, UrlBasedViewResolver

Field Summary
          Default if no other basename is supplied
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void destroy()
          Close the bundle bean factories on context shutdown.
protected  ResourceBundle getBundle(String basename, Locale locale)
          Obtain the resource bundle for the given basename and Locale.
protected  ClassLoader getBundleClassLoader()
          Return the ClassLoader to load resource bundles with.
 int getOrder()
          Return the order value of this object, higher value meaning greater in terms of sorting.
protected  BeanFactory initFactory(Locale locale)
          Initialize the BeanFactory from the ResourceBundle, for the given locale.
protected  View loadView(String viewName, Locale locale)
          Subclasses must implement this method.
 void setBasename(String basename)
          Set the basename, as defined in the java.util.ResourceBundle documentation.
 void setBasenames(String[] basenames)
          Set multiple ResourceBundle basenames.
 void setBundleClassLoader(ClassLoader classLoader)
          Set the ClassLoader to load resource bundles with.
 void setDefaultParentView(String defaultParentView)
          Set the default parent for views defined in the ResourceBundle.
 void setOrder(int order)
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Field Detail


public static final String DEFAULT_BASENAME
Default if no other basename is supplied

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Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public ResourceBundleViewResolver()
Method Detail


public void setOrder(int order)


public int getOrder()
Description copied from interface: Ordered
Return the order value of this object, higher value meaning greater in terms of sorting. Normally starting with 0 or 1, Integer.MAX_VALUE indicating greatest. Same order values will result in arbitrary positions for the affected objects.

Higher value can be interpreted as lower priority, consequently the first object has highest priority (somewhat analogous to Servlet "load-on-startup" values).

Specified by:
getOrder in interface Ordered
the order value


public void setBasename(String basename)
Set the basename, as defined in the java.util.ResourceBundle documentation. ResourceBundle supports different suffixes. For example, a base name of "views" might map to ResourceBundle files "views", "views_en_au" and "views_de".

The default is "views".

basename - the ResourceBundle basename
See Also:
setBasenames(java.lang.String[]), ResourceBundle


public void setBasenames(String[] basenames)
Set multiple ResourceBundle basenames.

basenames - multiple ResourceBundle basenames
See Also:


public void setBundleClassLoader(ClassLoader classLoader)
Set the ClassLoader to load resource bundles with. Default is the thread context ClassLoader.


protected ClassLoader getBundleClassLoader()
Return the ClassLoader to load resource bundles with. Default is the specified bundle ClassLoader, usually the thread context ClassLoader.


public void setDefaultParentView(String defaultParentView)
Set the default parent for views defined in the ResourceBundle. This avoids repeated "yyy1.parent=xxx", "yyy2.parent=xxx" definitions in the bundle, especially if all defined views share the same parent.

The parent will typically define the view class and common attributes. Concrete views might simply consist of an URL definition then: a la "yyy1.url=/my.jsp", "yyy2.url=/your.jsp".

View definitions that define their own parent or carry their own class can still override this. Strictly speaking, the rule that a default parent setting does not apply to a bean definition that carries a class is there for backwards compatiblity reasons. It still matches the typical use case.

defaultParentView - the default parent view


protected View loadView(String viewName,
                        Locale locale)
                 throws Exception
Description copied from class: AbstractCachingViewResolver
Subclasses must implement this method. There need be no concern for efficiency, as this class will cache views.

Not all subclasses may support internationalization: A subclass that doesn't can simply ignore the locale parameter.

NOTE: As of Spring 1.2, subclasses are supposed to fully initialize the View objects before returning them, also applying bean container initialization callbacks.

Specified by:
loadView in class AbstractCachingViewResolver
viewName - the name of the view to retrieve
locale - the Locale to retrieve the view for
the View instance, or null if not found (optional, to allow for ViewResolver chaining)
Exception - if the view couldn't be resolved
See Also:
AbstractCachingViewResolver.resolveViewName(java.lang.String, java.util.Locale)


protected BeanFactory initFactory(Locale locale)
                           throws Exception
Initialize the BeanFactory from the ResourceBundle, for the given locale. Synchronized because of access by parallel threads.



protected ResourceBundle getBundle(String basename,
                                   Locale locale)
                            throws MissingResourceException
Obtain the resource bundle for the given basename and Locale.

basename - the basename to look for
locale - the Locale to look for
the corresponding ResourceBundle
MissingResourceException - if no matching bundle could be found
See Also:
ResourceBundle.getBundle(String, java.util.Locale, ClassLoader)


public void destroy()
             throws BeansException
Close the bundle bean factories on context shutdown.

Specified by:
destroy in interface DisposableBean

Copyright (c) 2002-2007 The Spring Framework Project.