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Packages that use InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException
org.springframework.dao Exception hierarchy enabling sophisticated error handling independent of the data access approach in use. 
org.springframework.jca.cci This package contains Spring's support for the Common Client Interface (CCI), as defined by the J2EE Connector Architecture. 
org.springframework.jdbc The classes in this package make JDBC easier to use and reduce the likelihood of common errors. 
org.springframework.orm.hibernate Package providing integration of Hibernate 2.1 with Spring concepts. 
org.springframework.orm.toplink Package providing integration of Oracle TopLink with Spring concepts. 

Uses of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException in org.springframework.dao

Subclasses of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException in org.springframework.dao
 class IncorrectUpdateSemanticsDataAccessException
          Data access exception thrown when something unintended appears to have happened with an update, but the transaction hasn't already been rolled back.
 class TypeMismatchDataAccessException
          Exception thrown on mismatch between Java type and database type: for example on an attempt to set an object of the wrong type in an RDBMS column.

Uses of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException in org.springframework.jca.cci

Subclasses of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException in org.springframework.jca.cci
 class CciOperationNotSupportedException
          Exception thrown when the connector doesn't support a specific CCI operation.
 class InvalidResultSetAccessException
          Exception thrown when a ResultSet has been accessed in an invalid fashion.
 class RecordTypeNotSupportedException
          Exception thrown when the creating of a CCI Record failed because the connector doesn't support the desired CCI Record type.

Uses of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException in org.springframework.jdbc

Subclasses of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException in org.springframework.jdbc
 class BadSqlGrammarException
          Exception thrown when SQL specified is invalid.
 class JdbcUpdateAffectedIncorrectNumberOfRowsException
          Exception thrown when a JDBC update affects an unexpected number of rows.

Uses of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException in org.springframework.orm.hibernate

Subclasses of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException in org.springframework.orm.hibernate
 class HibernateQueryException
          Hibernate-specific subclass of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException, thrown on invalid HQL query syntax.

Uses of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException in org.springframework.orm.toplink

Subclasses of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException in org.springframework.orm.toplink
 class TopLinkQueryException
          TopLink-specific subclass of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException, thrown on invalid TopLink query syntax or behavior.

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