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Packages that use HibernateTemplate Classes supporting the org.springframework.orm.hibernate package. 

Uses of HibernateTemplate in

Methods in that return HibernateTemplate
protected  HibernateTemplate HibernateDaoSupport.createHibernateTemplate(net.sf.hibernate.SessionFactory sessionFactory)
          Create a HibernateTemplate for the given SessionFactory.
 HibernateTemplate HibernateDaoSupport.getHibernateTemplate()
          Return the HibernateTemplate for this DAO, pre-initialized with the SessionFactory or set explicitly.

Methods in with parameters of type HibernateTemplate
 void HibernateDaoSupport.setHibernateTemplate(HibernateTemplate hibernateTemplate)
          Set the HibernateTemplate for this DAO explicitly, as an alternative to specifying a SessionFactory.

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