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org.springframework.beans This package contains interfaces and classes for manipulating Java beans. 

Uses of PropertyValue in org.springframework.beans

Methods in org.springframework.beans that return PropertyValue
 PropertyValue PropertyValue.getOriginalPropertyValue()
          Return the original PropertyValue instance for this value holder.
 PropertyValue PropertyValues.getPropertyValue(String propertyName)
          Return the property value with the given name, if any.
 PropertyValue MutablePropertyValues.getPropertyValue(String propertyName)
 PropertyValue[] PropertyValues.getPropertyValues()
          Return an array of the PropertyValue objects held in this object.
 PropertyValue[] MutablePropertyValues.getPropertyValues()

Methods in org.springframework.beans with parameters of type PropertyValue
 MutablePropertyValues MutablePropertyValues.addPropertyValue(PropertyValue pv)
          Add a PropertyValue object, replacing any existing one for the corresponding property.
 void MutablePropertyValues.removePropertyValue(PropertyValue pv)
          Remove the given PropertyValue, if contained.
 void PropertyAccessor.setPropertyValue(PropertyValue pv)
          Set the specified value as current property value.
 void BeanWrapperImpl.setPropertyValue(PropertyValue pv)
 void AbstractPropertyAccessor.setPropertyValue(PropertyValue pv)
 void MutablePropertyValues.setPropertyValueAt(PropertyValue pv, int i)
          Modify a PropertyValue object held in this object.

Constructors in org.springframework.beans with parameters of type PropertyValue
PropertyValue(PropertyValue original)
          Copy constructor.
PropertyValue(PropertyValue original, Object newValue)
          Constructor that exposes a new value for an original value holder.

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