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Packages that use AbstractComponentDefinition
org.springframework.aop.config Support package for declarative AOP configuration, with XML schema being the primary configuration format. 
org.springframework.beans.factory.parsing Support infrastructure for bean definition parsing. 

Uses of AbstractComponentDefinition in org.springframework.aop.config

Subclasses of AbstractComponentDefinition in org.springframework.aop.config
 class AdvisorComponentDefinition
          ComponentDefinition that bridges the gap between the advisor bean definition configured by the <aop:advisor> tag and the component definition infrastructure.
 class AspectComponentDefinition
          ComponentDefinition that holds an aspect definition, including its nested pointcuts.
 class PointcutComponentDefinition
          ComponentDefinition implementation that holds a pointcut definition.

Uses of AbstractComponentDefinition in org.springframework.beans.factory.parsing

Subclasses of AbstractComponentDefinition in org.springframework.beans.factory.parsing
 class CompositeComponentDefinition
          ComponentDefinition implementation that holds one or more nested ComponentDefinition instances, aggregating them into a named group of components.

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