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org.springframework.context This package builds on the beans package to add support for message sources and for the Observer design pattern, and the ability for application objects to obtain resources using a consistent API. 
org.springframework.context.event Support classes for application events, like standard context events. Classes supporting the org.springframework.context package, such as abstract base classes for ApplicationContext implementations and a MessageSource implementation. Classes supporting the org.springframework.web.context package, such as WebApplicationContext implementations and various utility classes. 
org.springframework.web.portlet Provides JSR-168 portlets that integrate with the application context infrastructure, and the core interfaces and classes for the Portlet variant of Spring's web MVC framework. 
org.springframework.web.servlet Provides servlets that integrate with the application context infrastructure, and the core interfaces and classes for the Spring web MVC framework. 

Uses of ApplicationListener in org.springframework.context

Methods in org.springframework.context with parameters of type ApplicationListener
 void ConfigurableApplicationContext.addApplicationListener(ApplicationListener listener)
          Add a new ApplicationListener that will be notified on context events such as context refresh and context shutdown.

Uses of ApplicationListener in org.springframework.context.event

Classes in org.springframework.context.event that implement ApplicationListener
 class ConsoleListener
          Deprecated. since Spring 1.2.7: doesn't serve any purpose
 class SourceFilteringListener
          ApplicationListener decorator that filters events from a specified event source, invoking its delegate listener for matching ApplicationEvent objects only.

Methods in org.springframework.context.event with parameters of type ApplicationListener
 void ApplicationEventMulticaster.addApplicationListener(ApplicationListener listener)
          Add a listener to be notified of all events.
 void AbstractApplicationEventMulticaster.addApplicationListener(ApplicationListener listener)
 void ApplicationEventMulticaster.removeApplicationListener(ApplicationListener listener)
          Remove a listener from the notification list.
 void AbstractApplicationEventMulticaster.removeApplicationListener(ApplicationListener listener)

Constructors in org.springframework.context.event with parameters of type ApplicationListener
SourceFilteringListener(Object source, ApplicationListener delegate)
          Create a SourceFilteringListener for the given event source.

Uses of ApplicationListener in

Methods in with parameters of type ApplicationListener
 void AbstractApplicationContext.addApplicationListener(ApplicationListener listener)
protected  void AbstractApplicationContext.addListener(ApplicationListener listener)
          Subclasses can invoke this method to register a listener.

Uses of ApplicationListener in

Classes in that implement ApplicationListener
 class PerformanceMonitorListener
          Listener that logs the response times of web requests.

Uses of ApplicationListener in org.springframework.web.portlet

Classes in org.springframework.web.portlet that implement ApplicationListener
 class DispatcherPortlet
          Central dispatcher for use within the Portlet MVC framework, e.g. for web UI controllers.
 class FrameworkPortlet
          Base portlet for Spring's portlet framework.

Uses of ApplicationListener in org.springframework.web.servlet

Classes in org.springframework.web.servlet that implement ApplicationListener
 class DispatcherServlet
          Central dispatcher for HTTP request handlers/controllers, e.g. for web UI controllers or HTTP-based remote service exporters.
 class FrameworkServlet
          Base servlet for Spring's web framework.

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