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Packages that use DataRetrievalFailureException
org.springframework.dao Exception hierarchy enabling sophisticated error handling independent of the data access approach in use. 
org.springframework.jdbc The classes in this package make JDBC easier to use and reduce the likelihood of common errors. Support classes for the JDBC framework, used by the classes in the jdbc.core and jdbc.object packages. 
org.springframework.orm Root package for Spring's O/R Mapping integration classes. 
org.springframework.orm.hibernate Package providing integration of Hibernate 2.1 with Spring concepts. 
org.springframework.orm.jdo Package providing integration of JDO (Java Date Objects) with Spring concepts. 
org.springframework.orm.jpa Package providing integration of JPA (Java Persistence API) with Spring concepts. 

Uses of DataRetrievalFailureException in org.springframework.dao

Subclasses of DataRetrievalFailureException in org.springframework.dao
 class EmptyResultDataAccessException
          Data access exception thrown when a result was expected to have at least one row (or element) but zero rows (or elements) were actually returned.
 class IncorrectResultSizeDataAccessException
          Data access exception thrown when a result was not of the expected size, for example when expecting a single row but getting 0 or more than 1 rows.

Uses of DataRetrievalFailureException in org.springframework.jdbc

Subclasses of DataRetrievalFailureException in org.springframework.jdbc
 class IncorrectResultSetColumnCountException
          Data access exception thrown when a result set did not have the correct column count, for example when expecting a single column but getting 0 or more than 1 columns.
 class LobRetrievalFailureException
          Exception to be thrown when a LOB could not be retrieved.

Uses of DataRetrievalFailureException in

Methods in that throw DataRetrievalFailureException
 Number GeneratedKeyHolder.getKey()

Uses of DataRetrievalFailureException in org.springframework.orm

Subclasses of DataRetrievalFailureException in org.springframework.orm
 class ObjectRetrievalFailureException
          Exception thrown if a mapped object could not be retrieved via its identifier.

Uses of DataRetrievalFailureException in org.springframework.orm.hibernate

Subclasses of DataRetrievalFailureException in org.springframework.orm.hibernate
 class HibernateObjectRetrievalFailureException
          Hibernate-specific subclass of ObjectRetrievalFailureException.

Uses of DataRetrievalFailureException in org.springframework.orm.jdo

Subclasses of DataRetrievalFailureException in org.springframework.orm.jdo
 class JdoObjectRetrievalFailureException
          JDO-specific subclass of ObjectRetrievalFailureException.

Uses of DataRetrievalFailureException in org.springframework.orm.jpa

Subclasses of DataRetrievalFailureException in org.springframework.orm.jpa
 class JpaObjectRetrievalFailureException
          JPA-specific subclass of ObjectRetrievalFailureException.

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