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Packages that use MailMessage
org.springframework.mail Spring's generic mail infrastructure. 
org.springframework.mail.javamail JavaMail support for Spring's mail infrastructure. 

Uses of MailMessage in org.springframework.mail

Classes in org.springframework.mail that implement MailMessage
 class SimpleMailMessage
          Models a simple mail message, including data such as the from, to, cc, subject, and text fields.

Methods in org.springframework.mail with parameters of type MailMessage
 void SimpleMailMessage.copyTo(MailMessage target)
          Copy the contents of this message to the given target message.

Uses of MailMessage in org.springframework.mail.javamail

Classes in org.springframework.mail.javamail that implement MailMessage
 class MimeMailMessage
          Implementation of the MailMessage interface for a JavaMail MIME message, to let message population code interact with a simple message or a MIME message through a common interface.

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