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Class BeanPropertyBindingResult

  extended by org.springframework.validation.AbstractBindingResult
      extended by org.springframework.validation.AbstractPropertyBindingResult
          extended by org.springframework.validation.BeanPropertyBindingResult
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, BindingResult, Errors

public class BeanPropertyBindingResult
extends AbstractPropertyBindingResult
implements Serializable

Default implementation of the Errors and BindingResult interfaces, for the registration and evaluation of binding errors on JavaBean objects.

Performs standard JavaBean property access, also supporting nested properties. Normally, application code will work with the Errors interface or the BindingResult interface. A DataBinder returns its BindingResult via DataBinder.getBindingResult().

Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
DataBinder.getBindingResult(), DataBinder.initBeanPropertyAccess(), DirectFieldBindingResult, Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface org.springframework.validation.BindingResult
Fields inherited from interface org.springframework.validation.Errors
Constructor Summary
BeanPropertyBindingResult(Object target, String objectName)
          Creates a new instance of the BeanPropertyBindingResult class.
Method Summary
protected  BeanWrapper createBeanWrapper()
          Create a new BeanWrapper for the underlying target object.
 ConfigurablePropertyAccessor getPropertyAccessor()
          Returns the BeanWrapper that this instance uses.
 Object getTarget()
          Return the wrapped target object.
Methods inherited from class org.springframework.validation.AbstractPropertyBindingResult
canonicalFieldName, formatFieldValue, getActualFieldValue, getCustomEditor, getFieldType, getPropertyEditorRegistry
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addAllErrors, addError, doSetNestedPath, equals, fixedField, getAllErrors, getErrorCount, getFieldError, getFieldError, getFieldErrorCount, getFieldErrorCount, getFieldErrors, getFieldErrors, getFieldValue, getGlobalError, getGlobalErrorCount, getGlobalErrors, getMessageCodesResolver, getModel, getNestedPath, getObjectName, getSuppressedFields, hasErrors, hasFieldErrors, hasFieldErrors, hasGlobalErrors, hashCode, isMatchingFieldError, popNestedPath, pushNestedPath, recordSuppressedField, reject, reject, reject, rejectValue, rejectValue, rejectValue, resolveMessageCodes, resolveMessageCodes, setMessageCodesResolver, setNestedPath, toString
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Constructor Detail


public BeanPropertyBindingResult(Object target,
                                 String objectName)
Creates a new instance of the BeanPropertyBindingResult class.

target - the target bean to bind onto
objectName - the name of the target object
IllegalArgumentException - if the supplied target is null
Method Detail


public final Object getTarget()
Description copied from class: AbstractBindingResult
Return the wrapped target object.

Specified by:
getTarget in interface BindingResult
Specified by:
getTarget in class AbstractBindingResult


public final ConfigurablePropertyAccessor getPropertyAccessor()
Returns the BeanWrapper that this instance uses. Creates a new one if none existed before.

Specified by:
getPropertyAccessor in class AbstractPropertyBindingResult
See Also:


protected BeanWrapper createBeanWrapper()
Create a new BeanWrapper for the underlying target object.

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