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Class InternalResourceViewResolver

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by org.springframework.web.servlet.view.AbstractCachingViewResolver
              extended by org.springframework.web.servlet.view.UrlBasedViewResolver
                  extended by org.springframework.web.servlet.view.InternalResourceViewResolver
All Implemented Interfaces:
ApplicationContextAware, Ordered, ServletContextAware, ViewResolver

public class InternalResourceViewResolver
extends UrlBasedViewResolver

Convenient subclass of UrlBasedViewResolver that supports InternalResourceView (i.e. Servlets and JSPs) and subclasses such as JstlView and TilesView.

The view class for all views generated by this resolver can be specified via UrlBasedViewResolver.setViewClass(java.lang.Class). See UrlBasedViewResolver's javadoc for details. The default is InternalResourceView, or JstlView if the JSTL API is present.

BTW, it's good practice to put JSP files that just serve as views under WEB-INF, to hide them from direct access (e.g. via a manually entered URL). Only controllers will be able to access them then.

Note: When chaining ViewResolvers, an InternalResourceViewResolver always needs to be last, as it will attempt to resolve any view name, no matter whether the underlying resource actually exists.

Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
UrlBasedViewResolver.setViewClass(java.lang.Class), UrlBasedViewResolver.setPrefix(java.lang.String), UrlBasedViewResolver.setSuffix(java.lang.String), UrlBasedViewResolver.setRequestContextAttribute(java.lang.String), InternalResourceView, JstlView, TilesView

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
          Sets the default view class to requiredViewClass(): by default InternalResourceView, or JstlView if the JSTL API is present.
Method Summary
protected  AbstractUrlBasedView buildView(String viewName)
          Creates a new View instance of the specified view class and configures it.
protected  Class requiredViewClass()
          This resolver requires InternalResourceView.
 void setAlwaysInclude(boolean alwaysInclude)
          Specify whether to always include the view rather than forward to it.
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getApplicationContext, getMessageSourceAccessor, requiredContextClass, setApplicationContext
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Constructor Detail


public InternalResourceViewResolver()
Sets the default view class to requiredViewClass(): by default InternalResourceView, or JstlView if the JSTL API is present.

Method Detail


protected Class requiredViewClass()
This resolver requires InternalResourceView.

requiredViewClass in class UrlBasedViewResolver
See Also:


public void setAlwaysInclude(boolean alwaysInclude)
Specify whether to always include the view rather than forward to it.

Default is "false". Switch this flag on to enforce the use of a Servlet include, even if a forward would be possible.

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protected AbstractUrlBasedView buildView(String viewName)
                                  throws Exception
Description copied from class: UrlBasedViewResolver
Creates a new View instance of the specified view class and configures it. Does not perform any lookup for pre-defined View instances.

Spring lifecycle methods as defined by the bean container do not have to be called here; those will be applied by the loadView method after this method returns.

Subclasses will typically call super.buildView(viewName) first, before setting further properties themselves. loadView will then apply Spring lifecycle methods at the end of this process.

buildView in class UrlBasedViewResolver
viewName - the name of the view to build
the View instance
Exception - if the view couldn't be resolved
See Also:
UrlBasedViewResolver.loadView(String, java.util.Locale)

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