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Packages that use ClassMetadata
org.springframework.core.type Core support package for type introspection. 
org.springframework.core.type.classreading Core support package for type introspection through ASM-based class reading. 
org.springframework.core.type.filter Core support package for type filtering (e.g. for classpath scanning). 

Uses of ClassMetadata in org.springframework.core.type

Subinterfaces of ClassMetadata in org.springframework.core.type
 interface AnnotationMetadata
          Interface that defines abstract access to the annotations of a specific class, in a form that does not require that class to be loaded yet.

Classes in org.springframework.core.type that implement ClassMetadata
 class StandardAnnotationMetadata
          AnnotationMetadata implementation that uses standard reflection to introspect a given Class.
 class StandardClassMetadata
          ClassMetadata implementation that uses standard reflection to introspect a given Class.

Uses of ClassMetadata in org.springframework.core.type.classreading

Methods in org.springframework.core.type.classreading that return ClassMetadata
 ClassMetadata MetadataReader.getClassMetadata()
          Read basic class metadata for the underlying class.

Uses of ClassMetadata in org.springframework.core.type.filter

Methods in org.springframework.core.type.filter with parameters of type ClassMetadata
protected  boolean RegexPatternTypeFilter.match(ClassMetadata metadata)
protected abstract  boolean AbstractClassTestingTypeFilter.match(ClassMetadata metadata)
          Determine a match based on the given ClassMetadata object.

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