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Packages that use TransactionFactory
org.springframework.jca.endpoint This package provides a facility for generic JCA message endpoint management. 
org.springframework.transaction.jta Transaction SPI implementation for JTA. 

Uses of TransactionFactory in org.springframework.jca.endpoint

Methods in org.springframework.jca.endpoint with parameters of type TransactionFactory
 void AbstractMessageEndpointFactory.setTransactionFactory(TransactionFactory transactionFactory)
          Set the Spring TransactionFactory to use for wrapping endpoint invocations, enlisting the endpoint resource in each such transaction.

Uses of TransactionFactory in org.springframework.transaction.jta

Classes in org.springframework.transaction.jta that implement TransactionFactory
 class JtaTransactionManager
          PlatformTransactionManager implementation for JTA, delegating to a backend JTA provider.
 class OC4JJtaTransactionManager
          Special JtaTransactionManager variant for Oracle OC4J (10.1.3 and higher).
 class SimpleTransactionFactory
          Default implementation of the TransactionFactory strategy interface, simply wrapping a standard JTA TransactionManager.
 class WebLogicJtaTransactionManager
          Special JtaTransactionManager variant for BEA WebLogic (7.0, 8.1 and higher).
 class WebSphereUowTransactionManager
          WebSphere-specific PlatformTransactionManager implementation that delegates to a UOWManager instance, obtained from WebSphere's JNDI environment.

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