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Packages that use BeanFactoryPostProcessor
org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation Support package for annotation-driven bean configuration. 
org.springframework.beans.factory.config SPI interfaces and configuration-related convenience classes for bean factories. 
org.springframework.context This package builds on the beans package to add support for message sources and for the Observer design pattern, and the ability for application objects to obtain resources using a consistent API. Classes supporting the org.springframework.context package, such as abstract base classes for ApplicationContext implementations and a MessageSource implementation. 
org.springframework.context.weaving Load-time weaving support for a Spring application context, building on Spring's LoadTimeWeaver abstraction. Classes supporting the org.springframework.web.context package, such as WebApplicationContext implementations and various utility classes. 

Uses of BeanFactoryPostProcessor in org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation

Classes in org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation that implement BeanFactoryPostProcessor
 class CustomAutowireConfigurer
          A BeanFactoryPostProcessor implementation that allows for convenient registration of custom autowire qualifier types.

Uses of BeanFactoryPostProcessor in org.springframework.beans.factory.config

Classes in org.springframework.beans.factory.config that implement BeanFactoryPostProcessor
 class CustomEditorConfigurer
          BeanFactoryPostProcessor implementation that allows for convenient registration of custom property editors.
 class CustomScopeConfigurer
          Simple BeanFactoryPostProcessor implementation that registers custom Scope(s) with the containing ConfigurableBeanFactory.
 class PreferencesPlaceholderConfigurer
          Subclass of PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer that supports JDK 1.4's Preferences API (java.util.prefs).
 class PropertyOverrideConfigurer
          Property resource configurer that overrides bean property values in an application context definition.
 class PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer
          A property resource configurer that resolves placeholders in bean property values of context definitions.
 class PropertyResourceConfigurer
          Allows for configuration of individual bean property values from a property resource, i.e. a properties file.

Uses of BeanFactoryPostProcessor in org.springframework.context

Methods in org.springframework.context with parameters of type BeanFactoryPostProcessor
 void ConfigurableApplicationContext.addBeanFactoryPostProcessor(BeanFactoryPostProcessor beanFactoryPostProcessor)
          Add a new BeanFactoryPostProcessor that will get applied to the internal bean factory of this application context on refresh, before any of the bean definitions get evaluated.

Uses of BeanFactoryPostProcessor in

Methods in with parameters of type BeanFactoryPostProcessor
 void AbstractApplicationContext.addBeanFactoryPostProcessor(BeanFactoryPostProcessor beanFactoryPostProcessor)

Uses of BeanFactoryPostProcessor in org.springframework.context.weaving

Classes in org.springframework.context.weaving that implement BeanFactoryPostProcessor
 class AspectJWeavingEnabler
          Post-processor that registers AspectJ's ClassPreProcessorAgentAdapter with the Spring application context's default LoadTimeWeaver.

Uses of BeanFactoryPostProcessor in

Classes in that implement BeanFactoryPostProcessor
 class ServletContextPropertyPlaceholderConfigurer
          Subclass of PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer that resolves placeholders as ServletContext init parameters (that is, web.xml context-param entries).

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