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Interface PagedListSourceProvider

Deprecated. as of Spring 2.5, to be removed in Spring 3.0

public interface PagedListSourceProvider

Callback that provides the source for a reloadable List. Used by RefreshablePagedListHolder.

Jean-Pierre Pawlak, Juergen Hoeller
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Method Summary
 List loadList(Locale locale, Object filter)
          Deprecated. Load the List for the given Locale and filter settings.

Method Detail


List loadList(Locale locale,
              Object filter)
Load the List for the given Locale and filter settings. The filter object can be of any custom class, preferably a bean for easy data binding from a request. An instance will simply get passed through to this callback method.

locale - Locale that the List should be loaded for, or null if not locale-specific
filter - object representing filter settings, or null if no filter options are used
the loaded List
See Also:
RefreshablePagedListHolder.setLocale(java.util.Locale), RefreshablePagedListHolder.setFilter(java.lang.Object)

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