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Packages that use ProducerCallback
org.springframework.jms.core Core package of the JMS support. 

Uses of ProducerCallback in org.springframework.jms.core

Methods in org.springframework.jms.core with parameters of type ProducerCallback
 Object JmsTemplate.execute(Destination destination, ProducerCallback action)
 Object JmsOperations.execute(Destination destination, ProducerCallback action)
          Send messages to a JMS destination.
 Object JmsTemplate.execute(ProducerCallback action)
 Object JmsOperations.execute(ProducerCallback action)
          Send messages to the default JMS destination (or one specified for each send operation).
 Object JmsTemplate.execute(String destinationName, ProducerCallback action)
 Object JmsOperations.execute(String destinationName, ProducerCallback action)
          Send messages to a JMS destination.

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