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Interface JmsActivationSpecFactory

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultJmsActivationSpecFactory, StandardJmsActivationSpecFactory

public interface JmsActivationSpecFactory

Strategy interface for creating JCA 1.5 ActivationSpec objects based on a configured JmsActivationSpecConfig object.

JCA 1.5 ActivationSpec objects are typically JavaBeans, but unfortunately provider-specific. This strategy interface allows for plugging in any JCA-based JMS provider, creating corresponding ActivationSpec objects based on common JMS configuration settings.

Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
JmsActivationSpecConfig, JmsMessageEndpointManager.setActivationSpecFactory(org.springframework.jms.listener.endpoint.JmsActivationSpecFactory), ResourceAdapter.endpointActivation(javax.resource.spi.endpoint.MessageEndpointFactory, javax.resource.spi.ActivationSpec)

Method Summary
 ActivationSpec createActivationSpec(ResourceAdapter adapter, JmsActivationSpecConfig config)
          Create a JCA 1.5 ActivationSpec object based on the given JmsActivationSpecConfig object.

Method Detail


ActivationSpec createActivationSpec(ResourceAdapter adapter,
                                    JmsActivationSpecConfig config)
Create a JCA 1.5 ActivationSpec object based on the given JmsActivationSpecConfig object.

adapter - the ResourceAdapter to create an ActivationSpec object for
config - the configured object holding common JMS settings
the provider-specific JCA ActivationSpec object, representing the same settings

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