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Packages that use RemoteLookupFailureException
org.springframework.remoting.caucho This package provides remoting classes for Caucho's Hessian and Burlap protocols: a proxy factory for accessing Hessian/Burlap services, and an exporter for making beans available to Hessian/Burlap clients. 
org.springframework.remoting.jaxrpc Remoting classes for Web Services via JAX-RPC. 
org.springframework.remoting.rmi Remoting classes for conventional RMI and transparent remoting via RMI invokers. 

Uses of RemoteLookupFailureException in org.springframework.remoting.caucho

Methods in org.springframework.remoting.caucho that throw RemoteLookupFailureException
 void HessianClientInterceptor.prepare()
          Initialize the Hessian proxy for this interceptor.
 void BurlapClientInterceptor.prepare()
          Initialize the Burlap proxy for this interceptor.

Uses of RemoteLookupFailureException in org.springframework.remoting.jaxrpc

Methods in org.springframework.remoting.jaxrpc that throw RemoteLookupFailureException
 void JaxRpcPortClientInterceptor.prepare()
          Create and initialize the JAX-RPC service for the specified port.

Uses of RemoteLookupFailureException in org.springframework.remoting.rmi

Methods in org.springframework.remoting.rmi that throw RemoteLookupFailureException
protected  Remote RmiClientInterceptor.getStub()
          Return the RMI stub to use.
protected  Object JndiRmiClientInterceptor.getStub()
          Return the RMI stub to use.
protected  Remote RmiClientInterceptor.lookupStub()
          Create the RMI stub, typically by looking it up.
protected  Object JndiRmiClientInterceptor.lookupStub()
          Create the RMI stub, typically by looking it up.
 void RmiClientInterceptor.prepare()
          Fetches RMI stub on startup, if necessary.
 void JndiRmiClientInterceptor.prepare()
          Fetches the RMI stub on startup, if necessary.

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