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Packages that use Model
org.springframework.ui Generic support for UI layer concepts. 

Uses of Model in org.springframework.ui

Classes in org.springframework.ui that implement Model
 class ExtendedModelMap
          Subclass of ModelMap that implements the Model interface.

Methods in org.springframework.ui that return Model
 Model Model.addAllAttributes(Collection<?> attributeValues)
          Copy all attributes in the supplied Collection into this Map, using attribute name generation for each element.
 Model Model.addAllAttributes(Map<String,?> attributes)
          Copy all attributes in the supplied Map into this Map.
 Model Model.addAttribute(Object attributeValue)
          Add the supplied attribute to this Map using a generated name.
 Model Model.addAttribute(String attributeName, Object attributeValue)
          Add the supplied attribute under the supplied name.
 Model Model.mergeAttributes(Map<String,?> attributes)
          Copy all attributes in the supplied Map into this Map, with existing objects of the same name taking precedence (i.e. not getting replaced).

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