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Class PathMap

  extended by org.springframework.web.servlet.handler.metadata.PathMap

Deprecated. as of Spring 2.5, in favor of annotation-based request mapping. To be removed in Spring 3.0.

public class PathMap
extends Object

Attribute to be used on Controller classes to allow for automatic URL mapping without web controllers being defined as beans in an XML bean definition file.

The path map should be the path in the current application, such as /foo.cgi. If there is no leading "/", one will be prepended.

Application code must use the Commons Attributes indexer tool to use this option.

Rod Johnson

Constructor Summary
PathMap(String url)
          Deprecated. Create a new PathMap attribute for the given URL.
Method Summary
 String getUrl()
          Deprecated. Return the URL that this attribute indicates.
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Constructor Detail


public PathMap(String url)
Create a new PathMap attribute for the given URL.

Method Detail


public String getUrl()
Return the URL that this attribute indicates.

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