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Packages that use TargetClassAware
org.springframework.aop Core Spring AOP interfaces, built on AOP Alliance AOP interoperability interfaces. 
org.springframework.aop.aspectj.annotation Classes enabling AspectJ 5 @Annotated classes to be used in Spring AOP. 
org.springframework.aop.framework Package containing Spring's basic AOP infrastructure, compliant with the AOP Alliance interfaces. This package contains implementations of the org.springframework.aop.TargetSource interface. Support for AOP-based refreshing of target objects. 
org.springframework.jndi The classes in this package make JNDI easier to use, facilitating the accessing of configuration stored in JNDI, and provide useful superclasses for JNDI access classes. Support classes for Spring's scripting package. 

Uses of TargetClassAware in org.springframework.aop

Subinterfaces of TargetClassAware in org.springframework.aop
 interface TargetSource
          A TargetSource is used to obtain the current "target" of an AOP invocation, which will be invoked via reflection if no around advice chooses to end the interceptor chain itself.

Uses of TargetClassAware in org.springframework.aop.aspectj.annotation

Classes in org.springframework.aop.aspectj.annotation that implement TargetClassAware
 class AspectJProxyFactory
          AspectJ-based proxy factory, allowing for programmatic building of proxies which include AspectJ aspects (code style as well Java 5 annotation style).

Uses of TargetClassAware in org.springframework.aop.framework

Subinterfaces of TargetClassAware in org.springframework.aop.framework
 interface Advised
          Interface to be implemented by classes that hold the configuration of a factory of AOP proxies.

Classes in org.springframework.aop.framework that implement TargetClassAware
 class AdvisedSupport
          Base class for AOP proxy configuration managers.
 class ProxyCreatorSupport
          Base class for proxy factories.
 class ProxyFactory
          Factory for AOP proxies for programmatic use, rather than via a bean factory.
 class ProxyFactoryBean
          FactoryBean implementation that builds an AOP proxy based on beans in Spring BeanFactory.

Uses of TargetClassAware in

Classes in that implement TargetClassAware
 class AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource
          Base class for TargetSource implementations that are based on a Spring BeanFactory, delegating to Spring-managed bean instances.
 class AbstractLazyCreationTargetSource
          TargetSource implementation that will lazily create a user-managed object.
 class AbstractPoolingTargetSource
          Abstract base class for pooling TargetSource implementations which maintain a pool of target instances, acquiring and releasing a target object from the pool for each method invocation.
 class AbstractPrototypeBasedTargetSource
          Base class for dynamic TargetSources that can create new prototype bean instances to support a pooling or new-instance-per-invocation strategy.
 class CommonsPoolTargetSource
          TargetSource implementation that holds objects in a configurable Jakarta Commons Pool.
 class EmptyTargetSource
          Canonical TargetSource when there is no target (or just the target class known), and behavior is supplied by interfaces and advisors only.
 class HotSwappableTargetSource
          TargetSource implementation that caches a local target object, but allows the target to be swapped while the application is running.
 class LazyInitTargetSource
          TargetSource that lazily accesses a singleton bean from a BeanFactory.
 class PrototypeTargetSource
          TargetSource that creates a new instance of the target bean for each request, destroying each instance on release (after each request).
 class SimpleBeanTargetSource
          Simple TargetSource implementation, freshly obtaining the specified target bean from its containing Spring BeanFactory.
 class SingletonTargetSource
          Implementation of the TargetSource interface that holds a given object.
 class ThreadLocalTargetSource
          Alternative to an object pool.

Uses of TargetClassAware in

Classes in that implement TargetClassAware
 class AbstractRefreshableTargetSource
          Abstract TargetSource implementation that wraps a refreshable target object.
 class BeanFactoryRefreshableTargetSource
          Refreshable TargetSource that fetches fresh target beans from a BeanFactory.

Uses of TargetClassAware in org.springframework.jndi

Classes in org.springframework.jndi that implement TargetClassAware
 class JndiObjectTargetSource
          AOP TargetSource that provides configurable JNDI lookups for getTarget() calls.

Uses of TargetClassAware in

Classes in that implement TargetClassAware
 class RefreshableScriptTargetSource
          Subclass of BeanFactoryRefreshableTargetSource that determines whether a refresh is required through the given ScriptFactory.

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