Package org.springframework.context.annotation

Annotation support for context configuration, including classpath scanning for autowire candidates.


Interface Summary
ScopeMetadataResolver Strategy interface for resolving the scope of bean definitions.

Class Summary
AnnotationBeanNameGenerator BeanNameGenerator implementation for bean classes annotated with the @Component annotation or with another annotation that is itself annotated with @Component as a meta-annotation.
AnnotationConfigBeanDefinitionParser Parser for the <context:annotation-config/> element.
AnnotationConfigUtils Utility class that allows for convenient registration of common BeanPostProcessor definitions for annotation-based configuration.
AnnotationScopeMetadataResolver A ScopeMetadataResolver implementation that (by default) checks for the presence of the Scope annotation on the bean class.
ClassPathBeanDefinitionScanner A bean definition scanner that detects bean candidates on the classpath, registering corresponding bean definitions with a given registry (BeanFactory or ApplicationContext).
ClassPathScanningCandidateComponentProvider A component provider that scans the classpath from a base package.
CommonAnnotationBeanPostProcessor BeanPostProcessor implementation that supports common Java annotations out of the box, in particular the JSR-250 annotations in the javax.annotation package.
ComponentScanBeanDefinitionParser Parser for the <context:component-scan/> element.
ScannedGenericBeanDefinition Extension of the GenericBeanDefinition class, based on an ASM ClassReader, with support for annotation metadata exposed through the AnnotatedBeanDefinition interface.
ScopeMetadata Describes scope characteristics for a Spring-managed bean including the scope name and the scoped-proxy behavior.

Enum Summary
FilterType Enumeration of the valid type filters to be added for annotation-driven configuration.
ScopedProxyMode Enumerates the various scoped-proxy options.

Annotation Types Summary
Scope Indicates the name of a scope to use for instances of the annotated class.

Package org.springframework.context.annotation Description

Annotation support for context configuration, including classpath scanning for autowire candidates.

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