Interface SmartDataSource

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CommonDataSource, DataSource, Wrapper
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public interface SmartDataSource
extends DataSource

Extension of the javax.sql.DataSource interface, to be implemented by special DataSources that return JDBC Connections in an unwrapped fashion.

Classes using this interface can query whether or not the Connection should be closed after an operation. Spring's DataSourceUtils and JdbcTemplate classes automatically perform such a check.

Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
SingleConnectionDataSource.shouldClose(java.sql.Connection), DataSourceUtils.releaseConnection(java.sql.Connection, javax.sql.DataSource), JdbcTemplate

Method Summary
 boolean shouldClose(Connection con)
          Should we close this Connection, obtained from this DataSource?
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getConnection, getConnection
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getLoginTimeout, getLogWriter, setLoginTimeout, setLogWriter
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isWrapperFor, unwrap

Method Detail


boolean shouldClose(Connection con)
Should we close this Connection, obtained from this DataSource?

Code that uses Connections from a SmartDataSource should always perform a check via this method before invoking close().

Note that the JdbcTemplate class in the 'jdbc.core' package takes care of releasing JDBC Connections, freeing application code of this responsibility.

con - the Connection to check
whether the given Connection should be closed
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