Package org.springframework.jms.core

Core package of the JMS support.


Interface Summary
BrowserCallback Callback for browsing the messages in a JMS queue.
JmsOperations Specifies a basic set of JMS operations.
MessageCreator Creates a JMS message given a Session.
MessagePostProcessor To be used with JmsTemplate's send method that convert an object to a message.
ProducerCallback Callback for sending a message to a JMS destination.
SessionCallback Callback for executing any number of operations on a provided Session.

Class Summary
JmsTemplate Helper class that simplifies synchronous JMS access code.
JmsTemplate102 A subclass of JmsTemplate for the JMS 1.0.2 specification, not relying on JMS 1.1 methods like JmsTemplate itself.

Package org.springframework.jms.core Description

Core package of the JMS support. Provides a JmsTemplate class and various callback interfaces.

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