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Packages that use DestinationResolver
org.springframework.jms.listener.adapter Message listener adapter mechanism that delegates to target listener methods, converting messages to appropriate message content types (such as String or byte array) that get passed into listener methods. 
org.springframework.jms.listener.endpoint This package provides JCA-based endpoint management for JMS message listeners. 
org.springframework.jms.remoting Remoting classes for transparent Java-to-Java remoting via a JMS provider. Support classes for Spring's JMS framework. 

Uses of DestinationResolver in org.springframework.jms.listener.adapter

Methods in org.springframework.jms.listener.adapter that return DestinationResolver
protected  DestinationResolver MessageListenerAdapter.getDestinationResolver()
          Return the DestinationResolver for this adapter.

Methods in org.springframework.jms.listener.adapter with parameters of type DestinationResolver
 void MessageListenerAdapter.setDestinationResolver(DestinationResolver destinationResolver)
          Set the DestinationResolver that should be used to resolve response destination names for this adapter.

Uses of DestinationResolver in org.springframework.jms.listener.endpoint

Methods in org.springframework.jms.listener.endpoint with parameters of type DestinationResolver
 void StandardJmsActivationSpecFactory.setDestinationResolver(DestinationResolver destinationResolver)
          Set the DestinationResolver to use for resolving destination names into the JCA 1.5 ActivationSpec "destination" property.
 void JmsMessageEndpointManager.setDestinationResolver(DestinationResolver destinationResolver)
          Set the DestinationResolver to use for resolving destination names into the JCA 1.5 ActivationSpec "destination" property.

Uses of DestinationResolver in org.springframework.jms.remoting

Methods in org.springframework.jms.remoting with parameters of type DestinationResolver
 void JmsInvokerClientInterceptor.setDestinationResolver(DestinationResolver destinationResolver)
          Set the DestinationResolver that is to be used to resolve Queue references for this accessor.

Uses of DestinationResolver in

Subinterfaces of DestinationResolver in
 interface CachingDestinationResolver
          Extension of the DestinationResolver interface, exposing methods for clearing the cache.

Classes in that implement DestinationResolver
 class BeanFactoryDestinationResolver
          DestinationResolver implementation based on a Spring BeanFactory.
 class DynamicDestinationResolver
          Simple DestinationResolver implementation resolving destination names as dynamic destinations.
 class JndiDestinationResolver
          DestinationResolver implementation which interprets destination names as JNDI locations (with a configurable fallback strategy).

Methods in that return DestinationResolver
 DestinationResolver JmsDestinationAccessor.getDestinationResolver()
          Return the DestinationResolver for this accessor (never null).

Methods in with parameters of type DestinationResolver
 void JmsDestinationAccessor.setDestinationResolver(DestinationResolver destinationResolver)
          Set the DestinationResolver that is to be used to resolve Destination references for this accessor.
 void JndiDestinationResolver.setDynamicDestinationResolver(DestinationResolver dynamicDestinationResolver)
          Set the DestinationResolver to use when falling back to dynamic destinations.

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