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Packages that use JmxException
org.springframework.jmx This package contains Spring's JMX support, which includes registration of Spring-managed beans as JMX MBeans as well as access to remote JMX MBeans. 
org.springframework.jmx.access Provides support for accessing remote MBean resources. 
org.springframework.jmx.export This package provides declarative creation and registration of Spring-managed beans as JMX MBeans. 
org.springframework.jmx.export.metadata Provides generic JMX metadata classes and basic support for reading JMX metadata in a provider-agnostic manner. 
org.springframework.jmx.export.notification Provides supporting infrastructure to allow Spring-created MBeans to send JMX notifications. 

Uses of JmxException in org.springframework.jmx

Subclasses of JmxException in org.springframework.jmx
 class MBeanServerNotFoundException
          Exception thrown when we cannot locate an instance of an MBeanServer, or when more than one instance is found.

Uses of JmxException in org.springframework.jmx.access

Subclasses of JmxException in org.springframework.jmx.access
 class InvocationFailureException
          Thrown when an invocation on an MBean resource failed with an exception (either a reflection exception or an exception thrown by the target method itself).
 class MBeanConnectFailureException
          Thrown when an invocation failed because of an I/O problem on the MBeanServerConnection.
 class MBeanInfoRetrievalException
          Thrown if an exception is encountered when trying to retrieve MBean metadata.

Uses of JmxException in org.springframework.jmx.export

Subclasses of JmxException in org.springframework.jmx.export
 class MBeanExportException
          Exception thrown in case of failure when exporting an MBean.
 class UnableToRegisterMBeanException
          Exception thrown when we are unable to register an MBean, for example because of a naming conflict.

Uses of JmxException in org.springframework.jmx.export.metadata

Subclasses of JmxException in org.springframework.jmx.export.metadata
 class InvalidMetadataException
          Thrown by the JmxAttributeSource when it encounters incorrect metadata on a managed resource or one of its methods.

Uses of JmxException in org.springframework.jmx.export.notification

Subclasses of JmxException in org.springframework.jmx.export.notification
 class UnableToSendNotificationException
          Thrown when a JMX Notification is unable to be sent.

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