Interface JndiCallback

public interface JndiCallback

Callback interface to be implemented by classes that need to perform an operation (such as a lookup) in a JNDI context. This callback approach is valuable in simplifying error handling, which is performed by the JndiTemplate class. This is a similar to JdbcTemplate's approach.

Note that there is hardly any need to implement this callback interface, as JndiTemplate provides all usual JNDI operations via convenience methods.

Rod Johnson
See Also:
JndiTemplate, JdbcTemplate

Method Summary
 Object doInContext(Context ctx)
          Do something with the given JNDI context.

Method Detail


Object doInContext(Context ctx)
                   throws NamingException
Do something with the given JNDI context. Implementations don't need to worry about error handling or cleanup, as the JndiTemplate class will handle this.

ctx - the current JNDI context
a result object, or null
NamingException - if thrown by JNDI methods

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