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org.springframework.context.access Helper infrastructure to locate and access shared application contexts. 
org.springframework.ejb.access This package contains classes that allow easy access to EJBs. Convenience classes for scheduling based on the JCA 1.5 WorkManager facility, as supported within JCA 1.5 ResourceAdapters. Convenience package for obtaining a GlassFish JCA WorkManager for use in web applications. Convenience package for obtaining a JBoss JCA WorkManager for use in web applications. 
org.springframework.jdbc.datasource.lookup Provides a strategy for looking up JDBC DataSources by name. Support classes for Spring's JMS framework. Contains support classes for connecting to local and remote MBeanServers and for exposing an MBeanServer to remote clients. 
org.springframework.jndi The classes in this package make JNDI easier to use, facilitating the accessing of configuration stored in JNDI, and provide useful superclasses for JNDI access classes. Support classes for JNDI usage, including a JNDI-based BeanFactory implementation. Classes supporting the org.springframework.orm.jpa package. 
org.springframework.remoting.rmi Remoting classes for conventional RMI and transparent remoting via RMI invokers. 
org.springframework.scheduling.commonj Convenience classes for scheduling based on the CommonJ WorkManager/TimerManager facility, as supported by IBM WebSphere 6.0+ and BEA WebLogic 9.0+. 

Uses of JndiAccessor in org.springframework.context.access

Subclasses of JndiAccessor in org.springframework.context.access
 class ContextJndiBeanFactoryLocator
          BeanFactoryLocator implementation that creates the BeanFactory from one or more classpath locations specified in a JNDI environment variable.

Uses of JndiAccessor in org.springframework.ejb.access

Subclasses of JndiAccessor in org.springframework.ejb.access
 class AbstractRemoteSlsbInvokerInterceptor
          Base class for interceptors proxying remote Stateless Session Beans.
 class AbstractSlsbInvokerInterceptor
          Base class for AOP interceptors invoking local or remote Stateless Session Beans.
 class LocalSlsbInvokerInterceptor
          Invoker for a local Stateless Session Bean.
 class LocalStatelessSessionProxyFactoryBean
          Convenient factory for local Stateless Session Bean (SLSB) proxies.
 class SimpleRemoteSlsbInvokerInterceptor
          Basic invoker for a remote Stateless Session Bean.
 class SimpleRemoteStatelessSessionProxyFactoryBean
          Convenient factory for remote SLSB proxies.

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 class WorkManagerTaskExecutor
          TaskExecutor implementation that delegates to a JCA 1.5 WorkManager, implementing the WorkManager interface.

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 class GlassFishWorkManagerTaskExecutor
          Spring TaskExecutor adapter for the GlassFish JCA WorkManager.

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 class JBossWorkManagerTaskExecutor
          Spring TaskExecutor adapter for the JBoss JCA WorkManager.

Uses of JndiAccessor in org.springframework.jdbc.datasource.lookup

Subclasses of JndiAccessor in org.springframework.jdbc.datasource.lookup
 class JndiDataSourceLookup
          JNDI-based DataSourceLookup implementation.

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 class JndiDestinationResolver
          DestinationResolver implementation which interprets destination names as JNDI locations (with a configurable fallback strategy).

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 class WebLogicJndiMBeanServerFactoryBean
          FactoryBean that obtains a specified WebLogic MBeanServer reference through a WebLogic MBeanHome obtained via a JNDI lookup.

Uses of JndiAccessor in org.springframework.jndi

Subclasses of JndiAccessor in org.springframework.jndi
 class JndiLocatorSupport
          Convenient superclass for classes that can locate any number of JNDI objects.
 class JndiObjectFactoryBean
          FactoryBean that looks up a JNDI object.
 class JndiObjectLocator
          Convenient superclass for JNDI-based service locators, providing configurable lookup of a specific JNDI resource.
 class JndiObjectTargetSource
          AOP TargetSource that provides configurable JNDI lookups for getTarget() calls.

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 class SimpleJndiBeanFactory
          Simple JNDI-based implementation of Spring's BeanFactory interface.

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 class PersistenceAnnotationBeanPostProcessor
          BeanPostProcessor that processes PersistenceUnit and PersistenceContext annotations, for injection of the corresponding JPA resources EntityManagerFactory and EntityManager.

Uses of JndiAccessor in org.springframework.remoting.rmi

Subclasses of JndiAccessor in org.springframework.remoting.rmi
 class JndiRmiClientInterceptor
          MethodInterceptor for accessing RMI services from JNDI.
 class JndiRmiProxyFactoryBean
          Factory bean for RMI proxies from JNDI.

Uses of JndiAccessor in org.springframework.scheduling.commonj

Subclasses of JndiAccessor in org.springframework.scheduling.commonj
 class TimerManagerFactoryBean
          FactoryBean that retrieves a CommonJ TimerManager and exposes it for bean references.

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