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public interface EntityManagerProxy
extends javax.persistence.EntityManager

Subinterface of EntityManager to be implemented by EntityManager proxies. Allows access to the underlying target EntityManager.

This interface is mainly intended for framework usage. Application code should prefer the use of the EntityManager.getDelegate() method to access native functionality of the underlying resource.

Juergen Hoeller

Method Summary
 javax.persistence.EntityManager getTargetEntityManager()
          Return the underlying EntityManager that this proxy will delegate to.
Methods inherited from interface javax.persistence.EntityManager
clear, close, contains, createNamedQuery, createNativeQuery, createNativeQuery, createNativeQuery, createQuery, find, flush, getDelegate, getFlushMode, getReference, getTransaction, isOpen, joinTransaction, lock, merge, persist, refresh, remove, setFlushMode

Method Detail


javax.persistence.EntityManager getTargetEntityManager()
                                                       throws IllegalStateException
Return the underlying EntityManager that this proxy will delegate to.

In case of an extended EntityManager, this will be the associated raw EntityManager.

In case of a shared ("transactional") EntityManager, this will be the raw EntityManager that is currently associated with the transaction. Outside of a transaction, an IllegalStateException will be thrown.

the underlying raw EntityManager (never null)
IllegalStateException - if no underlying EntityManager is available

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