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Packages that use TopLinkCallback
org.springframework.orm.toplink Package providing integration of Oracle TopLink with Spring concepts. 

Uses of TopLinkCallback in org.springframework.orm.toplink

Classes in org.springframework.orm.toplink that implement TopLinkCallback
 class SessionReadCallback
          Convenient abstract implementation of the TopLinkCallback interface, exposing either the plain TopLink Session or the TopLink UnitOfWork (which extends the Session interface) to code that reads persistent objects.
 class UnitOfWorkCallback
          Convenient abstract implementation of the TopLinkCallback interface, exposing a UnitOfWork to perform write operations on.

Methods in org.springframework.orm.toplink with parameters of type TopLinkCallback
 Object TopLinkTemplate.execute(TopLinkCallback action)
 Object TopLinkOperations.execute(TopLinkCallback action)
          Execute the action specified by the given action object within a TopLink Session.
 List TopLinkTemplate.executeFind(TopLinkCallback action)
 List TopLinkOperations.executeFind(TopLinkCallback action)
          Execute the specified action assuming that the result object is a Collection.

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