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Packages that use AbstractSpringContextTests
org.springframework.test Superclasses for tests requiring Spring application contexts, including support for transactional execution of test cases, with automatic rollback on completion. 
org.springframework.test.annotation Support classes for annotation-driven tests. 
org.springframework.test.jpa Support classes for tests based on the Java Persistence API. 

Uses of AbstractSpringContextTests in org.springframework.test

Subclasses of AbstractSpringContextTests in org.springframework.test
 class AbstractDependencyInjectionSpringContextTests
           Convenient superclass for JUnit 3.8 based tests depending on a Spring context.
 class AbstractSingleSpringContextTests
           Abstract JUnit 3.8 test class that holds and exposes a single Spring ApplicationContext.
 class AbstractTransactionalDataSourceSpringContextTests
          Subclass of AbstractTransactionalSpringContextTests that adds some convenience functionality for JDBC access.
 class AbstractTransactionalSpringContextTests
          Convenient base class for JUnit 3.8 based tests that should occur in a transaction, but normally will roll the transaction back on the completion of each test.

Uses of AbstractSpringContextTests in org.springframework.test.annotation

Subclasses of AbstractSpringContextTests in org.springframework.test.annotation
 class AbstractAnnotationAwareTransactionalTests
           Java 5 specific subclass of AbstractTransactionalDataSourceSpringContextTests, exposing a SimpleJdbcTemplate and obeying annotations for transaction control.

Uses of AbstractSpringContextTests in org.springframework.test.jpa

Subclasses of AbstractSpringContextTests in org.springframework.test.jpa
 class AbstractAspectjJpaTests
          Subclass of AbstractJpaTests that activates AspectJ load-time weaving and allows the ability to specify a custom location for AspectJ's aop.xml file.
 class AbstractJpaTests
          Convenient support class for JPA-related tests.

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