Package org.springframework.aop.aspectj

AspectJ integration package.


Interface Summary
AspectInstanceFactory Interface implemented to provide an instance of an AspectJ aspect.
AspectJPrecedenceInformation Interface to be implemented by types that can supply the information needed to sort advice/advisors by AspectJ's precedence rules.
InstantiationModelAwarePointcutAdvisor Interface to be implemented by Spring AOP Advisors wrapping AspectJ aspects that may have a lazy initialization strategy.

Class Summary
AbstractAspectJAdvice Base class for AOP Alliance Advice classes wrapping an AspectJ aspect or an AspectJ-annotated advice method.
AspectJAdviceParameterNameDiscoverer ParameterNameDiscoverer implementation that tries to deduce parameter names for an advice method from the pointcut expression, returning, and throwing clauses.
AspectJAfterAdvice Spring AOP advice wrapping an AspectJ after advice method.
AspectJAfterReturningAdvice Spring AOP advice wrapping an AspectJ after-returning advice method.
AspectJAfterThrowingAdvice Spring AOP advice wrapping an AspectJ after-throwing advice method.
AspectJAopUtils Utility methods for dealing with AspectJ advisors.
AspectJAroundAdvice Spring AOP around advice (MethodInterceptor) that wraps an AspectJ advice method.
AspectJExpressionPointcut Spring Pointcut implementation that uses the AspectJ weaver to evaluate a pointcut expression.
AspectJExpressionPointcutAdvisor Spring AOP Advisor that can be used for any AspectJ pointcut expression.
AspectJMethodBeforeAdvice Spring AOP advice that wraps an AspectJ before method.
AspectJPointcutAdvisor AspectJPointcutAdvisor that adapts an AbstractAspectJAdvice to the PointcutAdvisor interface.
AspectJProxyUtils Utility methods for working with AspectJ proxies.
AspectJWeaverMessageHandler Implementation of AspectJ's IMessageHandler interface that routes AspectJ weaving messages through the same logging system as the regular Spring messages.
DeclareParentsAdvisor Introduction advisor delegating to the given object.
MethodInvocationProceedingJoinPoint Implementation of AspectJ ProceedingJoinPoint interface wrapping an AOP Alliance MethodInvocation.
SimpleAspectInstanceFactory Implementation of AspectInstanceFactory that creates a new instance of the specified aspect class for every SimpleAspectInstanceFactory.getAspectInstance() call.
SingletonAspectInstanceFactory Implementation of AspectInstanceFactory that is backed by a specified singleton object, returning the same instance for every SingletonAspectInstanceFactory.getAspectInstance() call.
TypePatternClassFilter Spring AOP ClassFilter implementation using AspectJ type matching.

Exception Summary
AspectJAdviceParameterNameDiscoverer.AmbiguousBindingException Thrown in response to an ambiguous binding being detected when trying to resolve a method's parameter names.

Package org.springframework.aop.aspectj Description

AspectJ integration package. Includes Spring AOP advice implementations for AspectJ 5 annotation-style methods, and an AspectJExpressionPointcut: a Spring AOP Pointcut implementation that allows use of the AspectJ pointcut expression language with the Spring AOP runtime framework.

Note that use of this package does not require the use of the ajc compiler or AspectJ load-time weaver. It is intended to enable the use of a valuable subset of AspectJ functionality, with consistent semantics, with the proxy-based Spring AOP framework.

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