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Packages that use DynamicIntroductionAdvice
org.springframework.aop Core Spring AOP interfaces, built on AOP Alliance AOP interoperability interfaces. Convenience classes for using Spring's AOP API. 

Uses of DynamicIntroductionAdvice in org.springframework.aop

Subinterfaces of DynamicIntroductionAdvice in org.springframework.aop
 interface IntroductionInterceptor
          Subinterface of AOP Alliance MethodInterceptor that allows additional interfaces to be implemented by the interceptor, and available via a proxy using that interceptor.

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Classes in that implement DynamicIntroductionAdvice
 class DelegatePerTargetObjectIntroductionInterceptor
          Convenient implementation of the IntroductionInterceptor interface.
 class DelegatingIntroductionInterceptor
          Convenient implementation of the IntroductionInterceptor interface.

Constructors in with parameters of type DynamicIntroductionAdvice
DefaultIntroductionAdvisor(DynamicIntroductionAdvice advice, Class intf)
          Create a DefaultIntroductionAdvisor for the given advice.

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