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Packages that use AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource Generic support classes for target source creation. This package contains implementations of the org.springframework.aop.TargetSource interface. 

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Methods in that return AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource
protected  AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource QuickTargetSourceCreator.createBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource(Class beanClass, String beanName)
protected  AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource LazyInitTargetSourceCreator.createBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource(Class beanClass, String beanName)
protected abstract  AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSourceCreator.createBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource(Class beanClass, String beanName)
          Subclasses must implement this method to return a new AbstractPrototypeBasedTargetSource if they wish to create a custom TargetSource for this bean, or null if they are not interested it in, in which case no special target source will be created.

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Subclasses of AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource in
 class AbstractPoolingTargetSource
          Abstract base class for pooling TargetSource implementations which maintain a pool of target instances, acquiring and releasing a target object from the pool for each method invocation.
 class AbstractPrototypeBasedTargetSource
          Base class for dynamic TargetSources that can create new prototype bean instances to support a pooling or new-instance-per-invocation strategy.
 class CommonsPoolTargetSource
          TargetSource implementation that holds objects in a configurable Jakarta Commons Pool.
 class LazyInitTargetSource
          TargetSource that lazily accesses a singleton bean from a BeanFactory.
 class PrototypeTargetSource
          TargetSource that creates a new instance of the target bean for each request, destroying each instance on release (after each request).
 class SimpleBeanTargetSource
          Simple TargetSource implementation, freshly obtaining the specified target bean from its containing Spring BeanFactory.
 class ThreadLocalTargetSource
          Alternative to an object pool.

Methods in with parameters of type AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource
protected  void AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource.copyFrom(AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource other)
          Copy configuration from the other AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource object.

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