Classes supporting the org.springframework.beans.factory package.


Interface Summary
AutowireCandidateResolver Strategy interface for determining whether a specific bean definition qualifies as an autowire candidate for a specific dependency.
BeanDefinitionReader Simple interface for bean definition readers.
BeanDefinitionRegistry Interface for registries that hold bean definitions, for example RootBeanDefinition and ChildBeanDefinition instances.
BeanNameGenerator Strategy interface for generating bean names for bean definitions.
InstantiationStrategy Interface responsible for creating instances corresponding to a root bean definition.
MergedBeanDefinitionPostProcessor Post-processor callback interface for merged bean definitions at runtime.
MethodReplacer Interface to be implemented by classes that can reimplement any method on an IoC-managed object: the Method Injection form of Dependency Injection.

Class Summary
AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory Abstract bean factory superclass that implements default bean creation, with the full capabilities specified by the RootBeanDefinition class.
AbstractBeanDefinition Base class for concrete, full-fledged BeanDefinition classes, factoring out common properties of RootBeanDefinition and ChildBeanDefinition.
AbstractBeanDefinitionReader Abstract base class for bean definition readers which implement the BeanDefinitionReader interface.
AbstractBeanFactory Abstract base class for BeanFactory implementations, providing the full capabilities of the ConfigurableBeanFactory SPI.
AutowireCandidateQualifier Qualifier for resolving autowire candidates.
BeanDefinitionBuilder Programmatic means of constructing BeanDefinitions using the builder pattern.
BeanDefinitionDefaults A simple holder for BeanDefinition property defaults.
BeanDefinitionReaderUtils Utility methods that are useful for bean definition reader implementations.
CglibSubclassingInstantiationStrategy Default object instantiation strategy for use in BeanFactories.
ChildBeanDefinition Bean definition for beans which inherit settings from their parent.
DefaultBeanNameGenerator Default implementation of the BeanNameGenerator interface, delegating to BeanDefinitionReaderUtils.generateBeanName(BeanDefinition, BeanDefinitionRegistry).
DefaultListableBeanFactory Default implementation of the ListableBeanFactory and BeanDefinitionRegistry interfaces: a full-fledged bean factory based on bean definition objects.
DefaultSingletonBeanRegistry Generic registry for shared bean instances, implementing the SingletonBeanRegistry.
FactoryBeanRegistrySupport Support base class for singleton registries which need to handle FactoryBean instances, integrated with DefaultSingletonBeanRegistry's singleton management.
GenericBeanDefinition GenericBeanDefinition is a one-stop shop for standard bean definition purposes.
LookupOverride Represents an override of a method that looks up an object in the same IoC context.
ManagedList Tag collection class used to hold managed List elements, which may include runtime bean references (to be resolved into bean objects).
ManagedMap Tag collection class used to hold managed Map values, which may include runtime bean references (to be resolved into bean objects).
ManagedProperties Tag class which represents a Spring-managed Properties instance that supports merging of parent/child definitions.
ManagedSet Tag collection class used to hold managed Set values, which may include runtime bean references (to be resolved into bean objects).
MethodOverride Object representing the override of a method on a managed object by the IoC container.
MethodOverrides Set of method overrides, determining which, if any, methods on a managed object the Spring IoC container will override at runtime.
PropertiesBeanDefinitionReader Bean definition reader for a simple properties format.
ReplaceOverride Extension of MethodOverride that represents an arbitrary override of a method by the IoC container.
RootBeanDefinition A root bean definition represents the merged bean definition that backs a specific bean in a Spring BeanFactory at runtime.
SimpleAutowireCandidateResolver AutowireCandidateResolver implementation to use when Java version is less than 1.5 and therefore no annotation support is available.
SimpleBeanDefinitionRegistry Simple implementation of the BeanDefinitionRegistry interface.
SimpleInstantiationStrategy Simple object instantiation strategy for use in a BeanFactory.
StaticListableBeanFactory Static BeanFactory implementation which allows to register existing singleton instances programmatically.

Exception Summary
BeanDefinitionValidationException Exception thrown when the validation of a bean definition failed.

Package Description

Classes supporting the org.springframework.beans.factory package. Contains abstract base classes for BeanFactory implementations.

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